First Getaway Trip


We took Michael on his first getaway trip. . . I wish I could say to Texas, but it was to Memphis.  It was my first time there too, and we had a great time.  Here are some of the highlights.  First was getting on the plane:


Then enjoying the plane ride.  Michael was so good, he hardly cried at all!

We even got him a new lightweight stroller especially for the trip.  It is a camouflage print with dinosaurs.  Very boyish.  Here he is. . . .ready to do Memphis.

First stop – GRACELAND – to see Elvis:

Here is the outside of Elvis’s house:

And inside the mansion:

Elvis’s airplane:

We also got to see Elvis’s pink Cadillac:

Michael slept through most of the tour until the very end.

Checking out Elvis:

More Elvis:

Can’t get too many pictures with The King!

After visiting Graceland, we went to have BBQ on Beale Street.

It was past Michael’s bedtime, but he managed long enough for Momma and Daddy to get a few bites in:

Day 2 we went swimming in the hotel pool:

We went to see the famous Peabody ducks.  If you haven’t heard of this before (like me) it is a fountain with real live ducks in the lobby of this really nice hotel.  They just float around and/or walk around the fountain.  It’s quite the site to see.

Later we stopped by the famous Sun Studios.  We couldn’t go on the tour however, because they don’t allow kids under 5 years old.  Can’t figure out why, when Michael probably would have slept through the whole thing.

The hotel messed up and didn’t have a crib available for us.  So at 8:00pm, Larry got in the rental car and drove to Arkansas to go to Walmart and buy a pack ‘n play.  In exchange, the hotel gave us a free nights stay and a food and parking voucher for the cost of the pack ‘n play.  When Larry went to check out, they said corporate wouldn’t let them keep it so we could take it home.  Too bad we had to pay $25 to check it (dumb American Airlines) and the fact that we already had 2 pack ‘n plays at home.  Oh well.

We were very happy that Michael slept very well in his new pack ‘n play since he had never slept in one before, and we were all sleeping in the same room.  This definitely means we could stay in a hotel with him again.  So here’s to planning our next trip!


About rdeeter

I am a California native who now lives in Austin, TX after spending a decade in Chicago. I am the proud mother of 2 boys, one I am watching grow up so quickly and the other that is watching me from heaven. I am married to my best friend, and a man that God picked out just for me.

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  1. So were you able to take the stroller into Graceland? We have one but it is for my service dog but I use it as a walker as I am mobility challenged.

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